August Diaries

Постер Dharia - August Diaries
  • Слушали: 204 раз
  • Исполнитель: Dharia
  • Длительность: 3:17
  • Лейбл: Warner Music Russia
  • Загружено: 06 март 2020
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Dharia - August Diaries
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Dharia - August Diaries
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August Diaries текст песни
Some keep a diary
Seems like a fantasy
But it may require some love and desire
It's something to cover me
There's never a guarantee
That loving is so easy
Some may define it as sugar and brownies
But sour just as lime is

Uh na na na
Uh na na na
Uh na na na
Uh na na na

Son of the ocean breeze
Somewhere you promised me
A love like a fire, no fears, no denial
Just something to gladden me
I feel electricity
Your lighting is guiding me
I fear that I like it
No place we can hide it
So hard not to find it

Uh na na na
Uh na na na
Uh na na na
Uh na na na

The reason why we don't give up on our love is simple
We're like the sun and moon
We like to see each other shining bright
We have tonight, tomorrow
And the other days that follow
We have to try to make things right
I'll sing to you like

Uh na na na
Uh na na na
Uh na na na
Uh na na na
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