Black Trap

Постер Babel - Black Trap
  • Слушали: 127 раз
  • Исполнитель: Babel
  • Длительность: 3:43
  • Лейбл: Mello
  • Загружено: 11 апрель 2020
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Babel - Black Trap
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Babel - Black Trap
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Black Trap текст песни
To the gods I’m a menace
Little be it known I’m the one seeking ven’eance
Fitted to the throne with the people preach penance
Knife whittled to the bone before I finish my sentence
Worst for the element
Fifth gear, race where life is irrelevant
Can you hear the bass, tell me death ain’t heaven-sent
Be the cold case, that died from benevolence
Stray bullets from the straight sun
Through the Pac-Sun
He told his friend’s he’d make it to the A1
To the hum-hum hallow he swallow
Necktie coulda seen the Colombians
Swear to god it was a placid
Some flaccid, acid
Turn me bat-shit crazy
Maybe bat-shit from a halfwit
Turn the classic tragic
It’s the path that saves me
Got a problem with livin'
Pop two pills, tryna waste what was given
Life re-erased at a terrible pace
Horrible place, so you gotta stay pimpin'
Drug store is the trap, nigga
At war, tryna act core, body worse than a raptor
Rugrat with a dunce cap took a drunt lap
Came back, grab it like black-shaded
Oh shit, figure go fish, no quit
Syncopated jazz from a medicated lady
Worst like a mystic
Bottom of the barrel like a nigga was a piston
Even on my mission
Kick flip, grind, with the fuckin' lip kissin'
Gets the vibe done,
Made her swallow my pride,
Got spooked, then had a cardiac
Cut his femoral vein when a nigga where a cardi at
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