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Постер Telly Grave - Rager
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  • Исполнитель: Telly Grave
  • Длительность: 6:40
  • Загружено: 15 март 2020
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Telly Grave - Rager
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Telly Grave - Rager
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Rager текст песни
Body out of order
Alcohol flowing, not a lot of water
Manslaughter with the magic marker
In the lobby of Madison Square Garden, I loiter
The Knicks just got Kenny Walker
Bernard King is the best scorer
Still a sketch drawer, had a fresh aura
Married to my art, but my style just altered
Ya see, ya see I’m sloppy 'round borders
My man told me about chalk he had imported
The rumor 'round town is he snorted
He said he was drawing, oh that’s what you call it? Heh…
Nose candy, made his whole soul happy
In cold alley’s in the gutter like a bowling alley
I caught a strike when he tried to throw it at me
Ironically I took a hit like a soldier rally
White lines is a vacation
I seen Keith Haring use it in the train station
He drew it out like he was play making
It was cleaner than spray painting
I had a new safe haven
Took me a while, but I became patient
Like an AIDS patient, that’s waiting up for a grave placement
My whole style shifted, lifted, hit it and got addicted from the moment I
sniffed it
I got cocaine, running around my brain
I got cocaine, running around my brain
Using chalk in Paradise Garage
A bar on the Lower East Side that show art
And whenever the stars come through they bogard
We treat Madonna like Mozart, Oh God
We got so large, Tony Schafrazi is digging the whole spark it was a cold start
Bags of teacher material was imperial
Got us all high we were aerial
Girls still dig it no burial
Rolled a hundred dollar bill
Ben Frank got stoned with me, what a higher thrill
Writing skills got sharp like a lions grill, I got a fire feel
These other guys are fire drills, false alarms with minor appeal
Acquired a deal to sculpt got hired for steel
Admire the will, daily rush of the fairy dust
Got my face flush, what a scary touch serious
Fab 5 Freddy, had to get me from the telly
I was passed out all over the floor like confetti
Parade got rained on
No umbrella for that brainstorm
Piece of white got my brain worn
A work of art with my frame torn
Sick as a bat but I’m Bruce Wayne calm, with a cape on
Hospital bed, I.V. in my vein long
Can’t wait until this pain gone…
All I want is your understanding, as in the small like of affection
The official toxicity limit for humans is between 1 and 1 ½ grams of cocaine
depending on body weight. I was averaging 5 grams a day maybe more.
I snorted 10 grams in 10 minutes once. I guess I had a high tolerance
Wake up, Wake up, Wake up. Don’t Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up.
Wake up, Wake up, Wake up
Early morning flight
Got the red eye
Looking like a jedi
Light saber
Life saver
Body not in Ny
Flight taker
Ice breaker
Rambling am I?
In & outta conscious, dealing with the nonsense
No longer pompous
Obnoxious, Rambunctious
The socialites at my bedside, prayers up above
Unicorns are flying, maybe its the drugs
Crush on my nurse, lady in her scrubs
They say I got a buzz… Whaaaat?
Dedicated wall with my picture on it
Inebriated floors full of liquor on it
I ain’t dead yet
I RSVP’d for the pearly gates, haven’t got in yet
Neighbor in the next bed, lost his left leg
On his deathbed, he was a meth head
Chalk put me in a yolk like fresh eggs
I hope for the best meds
Drawing question marks in jet red
Jet blue
Jet black
Memory lost track
I lost track
Call back
Jupiter is hotter in the winter
When the birds gotta swim across the river to get dinner
Lost a lotta weight, I’m feeling thinner
H20 in my ex eyes, I forgive her
I’ve seen better days
If I past, after I die, sellebrate
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