Lil Peep

Постер Lil Peep - Shiver
  • Слушали: 74 раз
  • Исполнитель: Lil Peep
  • Длительность: 3:17
  • Лейбл: Inner City 2K
  • Загружено: 06 март 2020
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Lil Peep - Shiver
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Lil Peep - Shiver
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Shiver текст песни
Now here I come, here I come
I got these niggas running from this shit, I gas nigga
That’s over straight gunning
I’m rollin gold thangs, 67 Skylark
I got to stay strapped when I’m rollin after dark
Cause niggas jackin when a nigga’s rollin gold rims
Or roll a bucket when it’s time for me to get some trimp
I don’t wanna get caught slippin on the fluke
Tryna get some ass and some niggas straight jack you
And that’s why a punk bitch ain’t shit
Only fucking with a nigga that’s checkin the grip
Cause I know about these bitches bitin off me gold thangs spinnin tight
I take a bitch to the telly off some drank and dank, right
And then I’m up in that shit
After I get my nut off then I leave that bitch
At the telly, better tell that nigga to come pick you up
Cause bitch, all I wanted to do, was fuck and get up
(Young Swoop)
It’s the menace, the baby killin nigga for the fuck of it
I’m strollin through my set
Paper’s short as my pocket’s kinda young locc
So it’s gone be a hard struggle in '94
And takin no schemes from them dope fiends
Breaking crumbs just to see them high beams
Hell naw, that shit don’t work when you steppin to the Swoop
That be that lunatic, kicking that shit, with that ghetto mentality
(?) my mouth like to (?), you little raskal, you been a pain in my asshole
5'6 and ain’t gettin no bigger
I guess I gotta stop smokin dank and drinking liquor with my niggas
Who tell me movin too damn fast
But bein broke in this game had me on the last
Cause when you at my age you wanna do everything
Think you’re grown, don’t axe moms nothing
Hittin late-nights thinking everything’s so right
But when you get home you might get gone for life
No outside, no talkin on the phone
No ballin with your homies after school, now that’s wrong
But I got a cool mommy that don’t even trip
But if she catch me doin illegal shit, she might flip
And go home tryna ban me from making dough
But it keeps callin, tellin me (?)
(Young Cellski)
That’s why I be gone off the dank and hennesy
That’s giving me the energy to pop at these enemies!
These niggas keep on muggin me, that’s why I lose me thai
That’s only givin a nigga the reason to get the muthafuckin Ruger and pop
Cause these bitch-made niggas keep on flexin with me
Cause he found out his bitch was sexing with me
Wanna mug me everytime I roll through
As I mug back, sippin on a cold brew
Because these niggas act like bitches when it comes to hoes
Suckin up to these punk bitches while you dishin rows
Another hoe but for a homie is what I was told
And never give game, game is supposed to be sold
But I peep game from these OGs
A young hard-head nigga livin life by the streets
So fuck that captain-save-a-hoe shit
Cause if the next nigga fuckin up, then you supposed to check your bitch
Cause playa haters is the niggas makin us look bad
But I don’t get mad, still dressed bummy and sad
Cause that’s my lifestyle! Never change for a hoe
Cause I’mma still hang, smoke dank and down the 4−0
With my niggas on the Daf and the L-side
And mobb sick, rollin around racing buckets
Hittin dougnuts, if I rap I’m like fuck it
Cause shit comes and goes in this game I’m playin
And where I come from, there can be no captain-saving
Save a homie for a hoe mayne
Cause I just want my young niggas out there, to peep game
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