Постер Bones - StateOfEmergency
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  • Исполнитель: Bones
  • Длительность: 1:37
  • Лейбл: Planet Switchaz
  • Загружено: 26 февраль 2020
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Bones - StateOfEmergency
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Bones - StateOfEmergency
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StateOfEmergency текст песни
They checkin' on me four times an hour, that’s 24/7
Took my shoe laces and every wire up out the bedroom
Knockin' like they witnesses of Jehovah
Every time they ask me about my emotions
I sink lower, I can’t control it
I made a friend today, a post traumatic stress ridden soldier
We don’t speak, but I noticed, not to slam the door when i close it
He afraid of loud noises
Me? i’m still hearing voices
Got me lookin' around the room like
'There's plenty ways to do this'
Bed sheet 'round the doorknob, but yeah it might fall off
Rip the curtain off, tie it around the bar up in the wardrobe
I could punch the mirror, slit the wrist, bleed out in the corner
Annoyed & i’m bored of these thoughts, cause they torture
Who does the therapist see, when he needs therapy?
Who does the shrink see, when his mind shrinkin'?
Screamin' for help don’t work, they’ll tell you ''Be quiet''
Now all this silence is just turning me violent, i wanna
Break up out this bitch
Break up out this bitch
Break up out this bitch
Break up out this bitch
Break up out this bitch
Break up out this bitch
Break up out this bitch
Break up out this bitch
My sanity has grown legs, sprintin' for gold medals
My pistol at fashion week, wearin' a jacket full of metal
Put the kettle on and even that forgot how to whistle
It’s shouting demonic chants and singing hymns by the devil
In the morning they’re gonna put me on antidepressants
It’s nearly Christmas and i’m still the furthest thing from present
When you break your arm, everybody wants to sign your cast
But when you fucked up in the brain they run the opposite way
So happy new year, i know it’s late
Yea i’ve been in rehab, still feelin' the same
Family swayin' me from relapse
And I wish that all of my buddies wasn’t on the ketamine
Pour my heart out while i hug em and they forget everything
And it hurts
I feel like overdosing on empathy
I feel everything and they don’t feel a thing
And it’s killin' me
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